Ad Hena Center Seminar in Partnership with the Tekoa Hesder Yeshiva


Opening lecture: Dr. Maoz Cahana // Bruegel’s “Fair”

12:00 First study session, on the fair in Eastern Europe and the Jewish world from Ad Hena lecturers

  • The fair and the shidduch // Rabbi S. Morgenstern
  • The fair and the carnival — carnival motifs in the “Jewish” fair // Rabbi M. Rosenfeld
  • The laws of idol worship at the fair // Rabbi S. Feldman

13:30 Break and lunch

14:00 Second session, Ad Hena lecturers at parallel podiums:

  • Jewish zealotry, what and why? // Rabbi D. Horwitz
  • Haredi sociology // Rabbi D. Fishhoff
  • Chassidut and local chassidut // Rabbi Ch. Ovitz

15:oo Third session, rabbis of Tekoa Yeshiva — lecture panel:

  • The vision // Rabbi Michael Falk, rosh yeshiva
  • Halacha and tradition // Rabbi Shuki Meirson
  • Bekiut as a method // Rabbi Gadi Ansbacher
  • Contemplation // Rabbi Yedidiah Aviner
  • Gemara sedura // Rabbi Daniel Bigel

16:00 Projected conclusion