Expedition to Buczacz, 2018

The organization’s annual documentation delegation completed documentation of the Jewish cemetery in Buczacz this year. It could be said that the central theme of this year’s field work was the legacy of S.Y Agnon. Members of his family, as well as many of his friends, acquaintances, and heroes of his works, are buried in the cemetery.

“Galician Youth” Course, Year 2, 2018

The course starts
November 2017
Ramot, Jerusalem
Target auditory
Young haredi yeshiva students
Rabbi Refael Kroizer
The goal of the course
Understanding the historical contexts of the halakhic authorities of the 16th-17th centuries and introduction to the broader, multifaceted Jewish literature in 16th-17th century Galicia
16 meeting, consisting of 32 academic hours

Expedition to Buczacz, 2017

The eighth annual delegation of the JGB Organization began the work of documenting the ancient Jewish cemetery in Buczacz, S.Y. Agnon’s home town. This cemetery holds a special place in those of Agnon’s works devoted to his home town. It symbolizes the continuity of generations in the city and is an important component in the special Jewish space in which the plots of his many stories take place.