“Galician Youth” Course, Year 2, 2018

The “Galician Youth” course, year 2, scheduled for the winter and summer semesters of 2017-2018, will deal with Jewish thought in the early Modern Period in the Jewish settlements of Poland-Lithuania.The course in tailored for young Haredi Yeshiva students, and will be attended by nine outstanding students from the best of the Haredi Yeshiva world.

The course will survey the eastward movement of Ashkenazic Jews and the strengthening of the great Jewish center of Poland in the 16th-17th centuries. By analyzing the variety of contemporary Jewish sources, the students will be exposed to this period’s wealth of creative life, and the new avenues of knowledge that opened up as a result of the influence of the printing culture, as well as various developments that unfolded both in the Jewish and the general world. During the course, the students will be exposed to philosophical, kabbalistic, and exegetical literature, to processes of codification, to the centrality of the Jewish community, and the relationships between Jews and gentiles.

At the end of year, the participants submitted graduating essays

שולחן ערוך מנטובה