Research Projects

בית המדרש בקאצק
Traditions concerning the early days of hassidut in Poland and the transition of leadership from Kozk to Ger are variant and somewhat contradictive. This study aims at a new analisys of various aspects of this topic.
The goal of this research is to examine the halachic writings of Rabbi Moshe Isserles (Rema) through the prism of his library.
Torah and Enlightenment: The Galician Approach
An attempt to outline the Torah-guided form taken by the Haskalah in Galicia, and detail its acceptance of new Haskalah concepts and their integration into traditional Torah study.
Seder Berachot
This project is dedicated to R' Shlomo of Karlin (1738-1792). Born in Lithuania, he was exiled to Ludmir and became one of the first exponents of Hasidism in Galicia.
Secular names
This research will examine the attitudes of the Jews to their gentile surroundings through the prism of foreign names
This research project intends to examine the way of life and events that occurred in one of Galicia's central communities, the city of Brody, on the turn of the 19th century
Seder Berachot
This research project seeks to describe and investigate a quietly voiced criticism on universalist halakhic approach of the Rema.
This study checks the unique model developed in some of Galicia's hassidic courts of a combination of rabinate and hassidic leadershiup
This research project attempts to profile the biography and works of Rabbi Ya'akov Meshulam Ornstein (1775-1839), the rabbi and Av Bet Din of Zhovkva and Lviv.