Research Group - Past Fellows

A small research group of Ad Hena's past fellows, intended for sharing ideas, brainstorming and reciprocal scholarly support.

עמיתים ותיקים

Research Publications


By: Benayahu Cohen
An article about Brody's formal rabbi
By: אברהם אביש שור
סקירה היסטורית מקיפה אודות היחס לעשיית 'מופתים' בקרב גדולי החסידות בדורותיה הראשונים.
By: Benayahu Cohen

The articles discusses a rabbinic controversy over the Halachic status of the Brody mikvah, and shows the what where the motivations of both sides.

By: Avraham Abish Shor
Music has a central place in Hassidic thought and practice. The article deals, for the first time in research, with the place of melodies of prayer.