שולחן ערוך מנטובה
“Galician Youth” Course, Year 2, 2018 / From: Rabbi Refael Kroizer
We're delighted to welocm the second group for our annual course about the history of Jewish thought in Galicia
בית כנסת חסידי
As a result of the big success of last year's course, a new group has started the program, led by rabbi Avish Shor.
דרכי משה
“Galician Youth” Course / From: Refael Krauzer
The course will survey the eastward movement of Ashkenazic Jews and the strengthening of the great Jewish center of Poland in the 16th-17th centuries.
The aim of the course, which is geared towards young Hasidic men, is to acquaint them with methods of Hassidic historical research, through the study of the history of the Karlin Hasidic sect.