Two of our fellows took part in the 'Galician Jewry' international conference


Two of our colleagues - rabbi Abish Schor and rabbi Zvi Lehrer took part in an international congress organised by the Jagellonian University in Rzescow.

Abish Shor spoke about: "the Links between the Partition of Poland (1772), the Hasidic Movement in its Early Stages and the Hasidic Waves waves of Immigration to the Holy Land between 1764 and 1795".  In his lecture he showed how the great political changes of the late 18th century in the region affected internal social and spiritual trends within the Jewish society. His research is based on original hasidic texts, documents and oral traditions, as well as on Polish archival material.

Zvi Lehrer spoke about: "Prominent Galician Rabbis and their Dynamics with Diverse Jewish Crowd". He focused on two famous Jewish leaders and their relationships with the different Jewish groups in their surroundings.  His presentation was based on authentic materials found in rabbinic literature, Yizkor Books, and more.